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Instructions for articles reviews in the journal «Preventive and Clinical Medicine»

  1. Articles submitted to the journal and corresponding to the journal subject and performed in accordance with the Requirements should be reviewed for their expert evaluation. The executive editor verifies the article suitability to design requirements within 7 days and emails the authors that the article and other necessary documents are received. If there are no remarks he sends the articles to the editor in chief.
  2. Editor in chief determines the articles' suitability to the journal subject and sends them to an acknowledged expert (PHd, DSc) for reviewing. Reviewing is conducted bilaterally and anonymously i.e. neither reviewers nor article authors are aware of those who are the authors of the article are and who are reviewers.
  3. The review should objectively evaluate the article and contain a reasonable comprehensive analysis of its scientific and methodological advantages and disadvantages. The review should reflect the relevance, scientific novelty and practical significance of the manuscript material, comments and a conclusion about the possibility of article publishing. The reviewer makes a conclusion about publication possibility: "recommended", "recommended with corrections or "not recommended".
  4. The article review should be confidential.  Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts are the intellectual property of the authors and confidential. Violation of confidentiality is possible only if the reviewer declares that the article is unreliable or fake. The article can be published together with reviewers ' comments with the consent of the authors and reviewers.
  5. Reviewer is not allowed to be the author of reviewing article but may be the supervisor of the author(s). Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of articles for their needs. They should not use knowledge of the content in their own interests before its publication.
  6. In order to hasten the publication the process of reviewing cannot exceed 1 month.
  7. The final decision about publishing or rejecting the articles, as well as priority placement in the journal is accepted by the Editorial Board. If the opinions of the Editorial Board and reviewer do not match, then the article is sent for additional review.
  8. In the case of the refusal to publish an article, the author is provided with a substantiation.
  9. The executive editor sends a copy of the review (without reviewer’s name) to the authors via email.
  10. A manuscript sent to the authors for revision should be returned in the revised form (in 2 copies) together with its initial version as soon as possible with the corresponding letter, containing the answers to all remarks and explaining all changes that were made in the article. If the article is delayed for more than 3 months or requires to be rereviewed, it is considered as newly submitted. The author is fully responsible for the scientific content of the article and the accuracy of the data provided in the reference list.
  11.  After the editorial Board decision on the admission of article for publication Executive Editor of the journal informs the author about it.
  12. The originals of reviews are kept in editorial office for five years.
  13. The reviews are provided on the request of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
  14. The editorial Board does not enter into discussions with the authors about rejected articles.



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